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Personalized and progressive counselling and mental health care.

Online and in person in London, Ontario



We believe that counselling should be collaborative and relational. We will bring our counselling skills and our professional knowledge while respecting you as the expert of your own lived experience.

As therapists we are committed to social justice, inclusion and accessibility. 


You're unique and so are your problems. We believe counselling isn't one size fits all. We'll work with you to find a counselling approach that fits your lived experience, your style and your goals. We'll meet you where you're at and help you get where you are going.

Counsellor Jared Dalton


We believe that success in therapy starts with a strong connection with your therapist. Our team is made up of a diverse group of relatable therapists who offer a variety of different approaches and expertise. 

Counsellor Martha Elliott
Counsellor Suzanna Lathrop

Individual CounsellinG

We offer a comfortable, confidential and judgement free space for individuals to explore their concerns and achieve their goals. Specializing in mental health, substance use, and trauma.

Couples Counselling

Affirming of both monogamous and non-monogamous couples we offer couples therapy that will help you resolve conflicts and grow in intimacy.

ADHD Coaching

We celebrate neurodiversity and work with ADHD'ers to identify and capitalize on their strengths and develop strategies to thrive in school, their relationships and their careers.



We celebrate sexual and gender diversity and look forward to supporting you in  living your most authentic life. Whatever concern or goal has brought you here, you've found an ally. 

Grief Counselling

Loss takes many forms and your grief

journey is unique to you.  In grief therapy we will create space to acknowledge the loss, express and contain the accompanying emotions and reconstruct meaning in your life.