LGBTQ + Counselling

Online and in-person in London, Ontario Canada

LGBTQ Rainbow Flag on Road Image by Jasmin Sessler
What you can expect: 

As a sexually diverse or gender expansive person you face unique challenges to your mental health and wellbeing. You deserve a safe and understanding place to discuss how your identity has shaped your experience. As counsellors, we value the diversity and breadth of sexual and gender identities. We also understand that you are more than your gender identity and sexual orientation and are committed to considering the full scope of your lived experience. 

You may be here to explore LGBTQ+ specific issues such as:

  • Questioning your sexual orientation

  • Exploring your gender identity

  • Planning your coming out

  • Discussing transition options

  • Processing experiences of marginalization and oppression

  • Overcoming internalized homophobia and/or transphobia  

Or you may be here to discuss other concerns in a space where your lived experience is taken into consideration and your identity is valued and celebrated. Whatever goal you have in mind, we're here to be your ally. 

Concept - to be yourself, to be unique.

There's nothing wrong with you. There's a lot wrong with the world you live in. 


-Chris Colfer